Find Best Deals with Shopular for Android and iOS

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Dealing with deals, especially during the holiday is season, is a bit hectic. Even though we do our home work on making a list of our favorite brands, deals and right choice of stores/malls, we often end up realizing the fact that we have missed out on a lot of offers , and even more frustrating after we have left some coupons back home.

shopular 300x146 Find Best Deals with Shopular for Android and iOS

Now that we know there is an app for everything, the app world  has brought up couponing apps as an ultimate solution for our shopping needs.

Some of the apps in this category work on geofencing technology for alerting users while they reach at particular vicinity of the store. Others like Shopkick have their own technology that syncs with sensors on the shop to get them noticed on the discounts and offers.

Shopular is one such app, but a bit more advanced in grabbing deals to us. Former Shopkick engineers Navneet Loiwal and Tommy Tsai build up the idea of Shopular.

Liowal says that we are missing out tons of our savings in shopping, so with their app we don’t even need to bother even switching on the app every time when we go to our stores.

Unlike other apps Shopular runs on background based on GPS, WiFi and cellular sensors to pop up the deals and coupons. All you need to do is to show your digital coupon to the billing section to claim it.

For getting more personalized sorting on deals the app utilizes Facebook Connect to get your likes and you can also setting your interest for more customized result. What the app does is that it crawls through brands’ websites, Facebook pages and email offers to get the news on deals.

For now, the app only supports 1000 malls across the country, with coupons from over 100 well known brand outlets.

Take it for free on iTunes and Google Play.


AroundMe iOS Update Adds An Extra Hand to Travelers

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Navigational and location-based search apps weren’t too much till 2008. In fact, until Marco Pifferi and five others came up with AroundMe app at that time, we haven’t had much of an option when it came to local establishment search apps for mobile devices. Also, it was some time after the release of AroundMe that Google brought up Places app with a similar idea.

aroundus AroundMe iOS Update Adds An Extra Hand to Travelers

A couple of months ago, they surpassed 6 million unique visitors and more than 1 million download per month for the app.  That’s something they can brag about.

If you are wondering what AroundMe is all about and it’s surrounding fuzz? We would like you to download to your Android or iOS device because, first of all it’s free and most importantly its user friendly.

If you are having wanderlust or simply got out of town to some new places, the app will definitely be your side kick. Based on your current location, you can find your desired point of interest through this app. Whether its hotels, ATMs, gas stations, shopping centers, pharmacies, and like, you will get the location, address and contact number for the specific spot.

It’s not like Yelp or Foursquare where you can get more extensive and additional information like review, closing and open time, ratings, user locators , online bookings and similar stuff, AroundMe is only gives you substantial guide with necessary information.

The app’s database is linked with you navigation app, Places or Apple Maps to feed you with the location display.

The interface is neat and native and with every update they are getting it to a more robust form. Some of the notable updates include improved hotel details, gas station price details, restaurant reservation and lot more. Also they added support for Navigon, TomTom, Motion X Drive and Waze navigation software.

The latest update added hotel booking for the iPad version and now has iOS 6 and iPhone 5 screen compatibility.  Free version will have ads, well that’s how they earn their money.

But if find that bothering enough, it won’t be anyway, you can jump to the ad-free version for $ 2.99.

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Apple Users can once again Gift an App from the App Store this Festive Season

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It is the holiday season and with Christmas and New Year pretty much just around the corner, the shopping frenzy is well and truly on. No wonder then that every retailer and firm is trying hard to push their own product and add new and attractive features that will lure the shoppers. Apple obviously is not new to the game and while the launch of iOS6 has had a few glitches and a few of us have been less than pleased with the changes it has brought out, things seem to be getting back to normal now.

Gift an App from App Store Apple Users can once again Gift an App from the App Store this Festive Season

First we got the YouTube App for our iPad and iPhone 5, then there was the Gmail App and finally we got the Google maps we wanted back on our Apple devices. Well, Apple might not have had much to do with it (though, they did approve all of them pretty swiftly), but when it comes to gifting an app from the App Store, they surely have got it right on time. The feature that enabled you to simply gift paid apps from the App Store was a feature available on the iOS5 platform, but disappeared with the advent of its successor.

Apple have now corrected that and you can quickly and without hassles once again gift an app to any other Apple user for this holidays. This is definitely a cool addition and for techno-buffs, it offers a chance to gift something that is personal, thoughtful, practical and in tune with their taste. All you need to do is sign in with your Apple account, click on the ‘gift’ icon, enter your id and credit card number and then the Apple id of those you wish to gift it to.

You can schedule it to be delivered on a date of your choice. Now, there is a cool alternative for us lazy ones even if we forget to get a gift till the last second!

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Australian Police warn iPhone 5 users Down Under against the use of Apple Maps

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Police Down Under in Australia have said in no uncertain terms that they suggest against the using of Apple Maps for navigation until the many errors discovered in their data are corrected. This comes as obviously no surprise to anyone who has switched over to iOS6 that has pretty much done away with Google Maps as Apple chose to launch their own version of maps after a falling out between the two corporate giants. The announcement came after the police in Victoria rescued six motorists who were stranded in the middle of a National Park after false directions on Google Maps led them there.

Apple Maps iOS 6 Australian Police warn iPhone 5 users Down Under against the use of Apple Maps

Police have confirmed that Apple Maps lead anyone looking for directions to Mildura, an inland city, to the middle of Murray Sunset National Park, which is more than 70Km away from the city. The biggest concern here is that the temperatures inside the park can reach a mark as high as 46 degrees during daytime and that obviously is a very scary situation for a lost motorist to be in. This comes as another embarrassment to Apple as its Maps have already come under severe criticism from all quarters.

Of course, the good news is the launch of Google Maps app for iOS6, which happened only yesterday and switching over to the free and reliable maps from Google is the best solution at this point. The app is already topping the App Store charts and while Apple might feel gutted at the moment, knowing the company one can rest assured that future versions of Apple Maps will be a lot more capable. It just needs more work and a major revamp!

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Xfinity TV Player App Lets You Download Media Content on your Mobile

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Comcast’s Xfinity TV remote app truly served its purpose of “controlling entertainment from our palm”. The app installed mobile devices turned out to be better replacements to the Xfinity TV remote. But other than the extensive remote functions, the app doesn’t provide for any entertainment content on your compatible tablets and smartphones.

xfinity Xfinity TV Player App Lets You Download Media Content on your Mobile

Realizing that demand, Comcast has announced the Xfinity TV Player App that will give you the key to stream and download entertainment content from the network to your mobile devices.

Enabling the app on your Android or iOS mobile devices will allow you enjoy tons of content from premium TVs and movies and that include shows from premium subscription channels like Showtime, Starz, Encore and Movieplex.

If you have subscribed to any of the channels, you can grab it on to your device so that you can watch them whenever you want. So, that means even if there is no connectivity you can have your juice offline from your download library.

Charlie Herrin, Senior Vice President of Product Design and Development at Comcast Cable says that there are millions of smartphone and tablet users in the United States. Keeping that in mind, Comcast has always been bringing in latest innovations to the TV sphere to make customers the supreme controllers of entertainment options.

With Xfinity TV Player addition, it will bring in more flexibility to entertainment even if you don’t have internet connectivity, he added.

So people, whatever the show is, Showtime’s Homeland and Dexter or Starz’s Magic City and Spartacus, you can choose now.

Above all these, Comcast is planning to expand their content lore with more programming partners in the near future.

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Square Enix Releases Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for iOS

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What Square Enix did to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise was to release a music game called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, literally the first of the kind in the series, to the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. On hearing this, a lot of reviewers raised their eye brows to find a rhythm based game on the RPG majored franchise. But when it came out, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy threw off the iffy impression and become an adorable one with decent scores in various game review sites.

finalfantasymusic Square Enix Releases Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for iOS

Enriching the presence, Square Enix has now brought the game to iOS platform and you know what it looks fine and plays fine. This game is absolutely for the Final Fantasy fans, as the franchise is well known for its soundtracks.

Theatrhythm is like a souvenir linking some memorable music and Final Fantasy moments in the touchscreen based gameplay.

Like similar music-based games, this one too needs us to tap or drag or hold on highlighted spots for the progression. You will find that the manner in which the patterns appear is knitted with the soundtracks in the game.

Basically there are three stages you need to cover on every level – field, battle and event. Field music will put you in a side scrolling game where you need to do the touchscreen timed controls to reach the character to the end of the stage.

Battle music is just like the turn based battle mode featured in the series. But instead of pushing attack moves all you need to do is to make the tapping of notes in the right time. Meanwhile, Event music plays scenes featuring from various Final Fantasy games in the background while you tap the patterns.

The iOS version of the game can be downloaded for free from the App Store. But the free version only has two soundtracks. So if you need additional sound tracks, you can buy the song pack (four songs) for $2.99. If you are looking for a single song you can have it for $0.99.

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YouView App Offers Remote Recording on iPhone, iPad and iPod

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The Apple line up has made another contribution for its users by introducing their all new-app ‘You View’ that lets them record YouTube videos.  That’s right guys, Apple has done it again as the ‘YouView Remote Record’ app has now launched for iPhone, iPod and iPad and this subscription-free service lets you record all your favorite videos. Thanks to this app, Apple users can set recordings on their box at home while doing other stuff on their smartphone.

youview remote app YouView App Offers Remote Recording on iPhone, iPad and iPod

You can easily browse through the videos using the EPG in the box and the Electronic Programme Guide lets you scroll through the schedule but recordings can only be set to start in the future.

Once you have tapped the program you are interested, the app makes sure that the recording has been sent to the box and the app takes care of the rest.

This app is so simple to operate and it has much to offer you can easily head in to the settings menu for the YouView set-top box and you can access the option that lets you connect devices.

Connecting up to five devices is possible and that makes sure you can set recordings no matter wherever you are.

If you are thinking whether that’s all the app has to offer, in the future it would also offer even more value to consumers as they are planning to extend the functionality of this app as part of the on-going development of the YouView proposition.

You can download this app from iTunes and the word is that the YouView has confirmed that an Android app will be also following in the year 2013.

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Sony-HP Snapfish Tie Up makes Online Photo Printing Easier

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It is now easy for Sony users to go about online photo printing, with the company teaming  up with HP to bring Snapfish, the online photo printing service into PlayMemories. The latest version of PlayMemories Home software from Sony lets its users to order print from Snapfish.

snapfish Sony HP Snapfish Tie Up makes Online Photo Printing Easier

Snapfish has a wide range of personalized photo products that range from individual prints to photo books to posters, mugs and greeting cards.

The latest version of PlayMemories Home PC software (version 2) with Snapfish integration will be available for free download for customers of Sony’s new cameras like Cyber-shot, A-mount and E-mount digital cameras and Handycam camcorders.

This software will allow the users to upload images directly to Snapfish. Once you registered the free Snapfish account it is easy to upload selected images from PlayMemories Home for online printing and delivery to your home.

Sony is also offering a 50% discount on the first photo book for the newly registered Snapfish account. The existing PlayMemories Home users are permitted to update to the latest version.

This new integration with Snapfish makes photo sharing easy and enjoyable. This service is available in United States, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and Ireland.

Google Maps App now available for download on iOS with Turn by Turn Navigation and Street View

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We were only talking recently about how Google Maps App for iPhone and iPad users was in the works and while we were not given any particular date of release, the growing amount of criticism that Apple’s own version of maps was getting surely led us to believe that a release could be expected sooner than later. Well, the wait is now over for all those using Apple devices as Google has indeed come out with the standalone come out with a feature packed Google Maps app for all Apple devices running on iOS5.1 and later.

Google Maps available on iOS6 Google Maps App now available for download on iOS with Turn by Turn Navigation and Street View

Google did supply the map function for Apple until the advent of iOS6, where both the parties apparently parted ways as Google reportedly refused to offer the turn by turn navigation feature for its maps on iOS. While this prompted Apple to launch their own version of the maps that has been nothing short of a disaster as it was filled with errors that led to great embarrassment for the company. The following events saw the reported firing of iOS software chief Scott Forstall and Richard Williamson and also a public apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook.

But the real solace for iPhone and iPad users across the globe comes now as the new Google Maps App comes to the iTunes Store with a plethora of features that include turn-by-turn driving directions, 360-degree street view and live traffic updates. It seems like every time Apple try to get rid of Google from their iPhone and iPad screens, Google comes back with chart topping apps that offer a multitude of amazing new features for consumers.

It started with the release of the Gmail App, continued with the YouTube App and seems to have come full circle with the Google Maps App. While the delay was a bit inconvenient, none of the Apple users seem to be complaining about the new dynamic that is ultimately benefiting them!

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Google Maps App for iOS6 apparently in works even as Apple struggles with its own maps

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There is definitely now love lost between Google and Apple at the moment and while one can only imagine how the war might continue if Steve Jobs was still around, it seems neither side is willing to give an inch at the moment. Apple have done all they can to try and wipe out Google off of the home screens of both their tablets and their smartphones. The latest version of both iPhone and the iPad and an update to the latest iOS has seen the disappearance of both YouTube and Google Maps.

Google Maps App on iOS 6 Google Maps App for iOS6 apparently in works even as Apple struggles with its own maps

Apple launched their very own version of maps for the iPhone 5 and iOS6 users and so far, it has been more of a miss than hit. The problem with something like ‘maps’ going wrong is that it is not just another email or video streaming app that people can simply ignore and move on in search of other alternatives. Many drivers do rely on their smartphones and the directions that the maps offer and when this goes wrong, you not only have fuming consumers who are lost in middle of now here, but potentially dangerous on-road situations.

The news coming in from Google headquarters is that they are already working full throttle on a Google Maps app for iOS6 users and while it will still need approval to make it to the iTunes Store, at this point Apple will do well to let it slide into its App Store. Google have already said that they would like their maps to be available for “all users across every platform and device”; the current stalemate is no endearing Apple to potential consumers.

With YouTube and Gmail apps now out, it might be well a matter of time before Google Maps tops the iTunes App Store as well!

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Barnes & Noble launches Nook App in UK for both iOS and Android users

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Following the launch of Nook HD and Nook HD+ in the UK, it seems Barnes & Noble is ready to step it up with the launch of the Nook App for users in UK. The company has launched its free eBook reader app that will give those in the UK an access to download digital version of books, magazines and newspapers directly from the Nook store from now on. The best part of the move is that the new app is available both on iOS and on Android platforms and that allows plenty of eager consumers to now explore the vast digital book collection that is available through this medium.

Nook App Barnes & Noble launches Nook App in UK for both iOS and Android users

Apart from the 2.5 million titles that one can explore through, there is also a free 14-dar trail to its Newsstand, that will enable those interested to flip through the latest magazines and newspapers while on the go. The move does mean that unlike before, those on iPhone and Android devices will also be now able to access the Nook Library and not just the ones using the latest Nook products like the Nook HD and HD+.

Barnes & Noble representatives claim that their digital content library contains twice the amount of content on offer at Amazon’s Kindle Store and this would be play an instrumental role in bringing more users on to its platform. With multi-platform synchronization and a multitude of features, it is an app that is definitely worth trying out!


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