Creatorverse iPad Game from Second Life Creators

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Makers of shared creative spaces is what Linden Lab call themselves. And it’s true because they created Second Life, an online three dimensional virtual world where users can interact, participate in group activities, build or trade virtual objects with their avatars. Expanding their activities to wider circles, they have now entered the iOS world with a brand new game called Creatorverse. This, in fact, is a 2D creative space on the iPad that lets you create crazy contraptions from your imagination.

mzl.zgjxlshv.480x480 75 Creatorverse iPad Game from Second Life Creators

You can draw any shapes and make it live by adding real world physics properties and pull it as a puzzle or a maze, or a moving art form or even 2D games from your thoughts. Endless possibilities for creations, and the app never leaves you without any appreciation for your opus. You can put your invention on the social community of Creatorverse or simply called the Creatorverse Galaxy and there you will find hundreds of thousands of contraptions to download.

If you find something to make the downloaded creations a little more complicated or interesting, you can tear them down and assemble it as per your artistry. The game’s interface is very smooth. The building tools are placed on the left of the working space.  Drag the points to make desired shapes and fill it with colors from the top color panel.

Selecting an object will pop up animation options on the bottom of the screen.  Once it’s ready tap the play button to see it work. Not feeling good with your fruit? Throw it in the trashcan. All controls looks fine with simple drag and drop. You can have Creatoerverse  for $4.99 at the App Store  and if you need to get some idea on the game, Creatorverse Youtube channel has put up a couple of videos that will give you some insight.

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Twitter App for Windows 8 in the Making

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At this point of time, it’s hard to tell how long it will take the Windows Store to make the  virtuous cycle between consumers and developers in a full fledge. No doubt, Microsoft has a strong hardware. But it’s all with the third party developers to mold their online store to a prefect app ecosystem.

TWITTER L 580x435 Twitter App for Windows 8 in the Making

Most of the analysts who reviewed Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet voiced their criticism only on the dryness of apps in the Windows Store. There weren’t high quality apps but we can predict Microsoft is going to set that right.

We all know how typical consumers place Windows in their day to day life, they trust it too well. So it’s up to Microsoft to make constraints bond with the app environment, where bigger guys like App Store and Google Play roll the dices.

Now that more than 4 million people have upgraded their OSes to Windows 8, Twitter picked this nice time to announce that they are planning to do a dedicated Twitter app for the OS.

The company tweeted “Windows 8 needs a great Twitter app. So we’re building it. Looking forward to sharing it with you in the months ahead.”

Although Twitter had official apps for Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Blackberry, they never had a native client for Windows PC platform. Since they are starting it from scratch, the app will probably get to Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 as well.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed that ESPN, Dropbox, Walt Disney, and Lego are making their apps for Windows 8. And for the developers, Paypal is readying their support so as to making transactions for Windows 8 apps.

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SmartGlass Experience Comes to Forza Horizon on Window 8

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Forza Horizon, the open world racing game from Turn 10 Studios, will now boast Xbox SmartGlass Experience support for the Windows 8 platform. The SmartGlass app will allow you to control your Xbox 360 features through your mobile device.

k6qtb1 SmartGlass Experience Comes to Forza Horizon on Window 8


So that means if you have a Windows 8 device, tablet or PC, it will serve as a second screen giving you access to game’s additional game play features, such as leaderboards, inventory selection, in-game map overview, social interaction, and so forth.

In the context of Forza Horizon, the app extension will let you open the hugeColoradomap on your Windows 8 device so that you need not pause the game while in the midst of a session.

Forza Horizon is a great open world game and since it is open world, players will need frequent visit to their maps for checking racing events, collectibles (like the upgrade discount signs) and mostly setting GPS destinations for exploration.

Though gameplay pausing has never been a major frustration, it will be more fun if you have a SmartGlass compatible device to get instant access to the game map.

Navigation with your touchscreen device will be a lot more fluid where players have the option to zoom or set way points with a simple tap. Microsoft will make the free app available for other platforms in the near future.

If you want to jump into Forza Horizon, you can purchase it for $59.99 and it’s an Xbox 360 exclusive title so no luck for the PC and PlayStation 3 gamers.

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Google Play Store has 700K Apps, Adding More

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That’s 700,000 Android apps people! Yes, Google Play Store has huddled that number of apps and we do care in this milestone success of Google. Obviously, there are tons of crappy apps in that heap but the silver lining is how big the software base is.

Google Play Google Play Store has 700K Apps, Adding More

You know that’s what people care more these days. In that picking process for one of their desired devices – either a tablet or a smartphone – the current scene has turned to become more fuddling in choosing between Android and iOS.

Now that we heard about this Google’s new statistics its seems like our beloved Apple is some what on the edge of losing the upper hand in terms of software ecosystem.

Both the iOS and Android platforms have been ever expanding and both the companies are successfully going on with their nourishment to the developers by spending billions of dollars to get their online stores more rich and diverse.

But each of them has their own selling point, for apple they say that it’s their iOS operating system leads to more sale and also they had the greater number of apps their App Store.

With these years Google partnering with companies like Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG has provided thick line up of hardware and had achieved appreciable growth in expanding their app base. Now their latest Nexus tablet line up is drawing more people to be considered it over its iPad rivals.

Judging from these vibes we can assume that the competition is getting more and more dicer for the companies in the coming days. So what’s your opinion?

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Pandora Updated for Android and iOS

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The Pandora internet radio service has got even better with the new update to version 4.0 for iOS and Android. App hoarding guys who never heard of Pandora, or have had that app but never had the time even to glance over it on their smartphones might don’t want to put this news as “another update for another lousy app”. Because Pandora is a freakingly sweet music service and it’s free and it’s for the music lovers, hell who could hate music!

pandora1 540x245 Pandora Updated for Android and iOS

Once you enter, you will be asked for a Pandora account, sign up that and you will get into the app. Create a station you like by typing your favorite artists, genre, composer or song and the app will set the station with your suggestions.

Wondering how to do that? Like in the case of similar services, Pandora too has a library, but it’s appreciably huge with more than 1 million tracks from over 1 million artists. The web service which was launched in 2005 now has 150 million users and 3.2 billion user created stations.

It was in early 2008 that the iOS version was launched. From the total registered users 75 percent of them are those people who use the service from their smartphones and tablets.

So now, the Pandora 4.0 version update for the iOS and Android comes as a pretty big deal. Since the mobile version was not that prefect compared with the web version, the newest update will receive a major design overhaul making it very similar experience to the web version.

The package brings better controls with tighter navigation. They have added more lore to their music library so that now we can have detailed information about artists, tracks and albums.

Station control has also got much better where we can have details about a particular station, rename the existing stations or even add a new a variety genre or tracks to your current station.

The final piece of attraction in the update is the Activity feed. It’s similar to that of Facebook where you can share your new personal timeline profile, your bookmarks, your thumbs ups or thumbs downs, which station are you listening to and other similar Pandora activities.

The iOS update for Pandora 4.0 Version is in the App Store for grabs. Android users need to wait for the coming weeks to lap it up.

There is a Windows Phone 8 version inbound and Microsoft reports a year of ad-free Pandora services for those lucky guys who has Windows Phone 8 devices.

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Badabing! Picks Bikini Photos of Your Friends on Facebook

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We don’t know where to put it, but iOS app Badabing! is kind of weird and may be interesting to some of our friends. Badabing! is naughty and has this special sense to pick your friends’ bikini photos from their Facebook profiles.

mza 9134718437248074092.320x480 75 Badabing! Picks Bikini Photos of Your Friends on Facebook

Yeah, we have arguments about this, talking about emotions and privacy issues. But hey, if you upload your two piece photos with the intention of showing it to your friends, make sure they do with the right privacy options.

Talking about the bright side, it’s a nice app to dig up those beach or pool photos from the million uploads, and save you some time on the search.

All you need to do is to Log in to your Facebook account and select your desirable friends to see the magic. The app use some sort of image recognition technology to do the task. And it also has the option to bookmark your favorite pics so that you can grab them in a second.

The developers say they are using rapid Object Detection by training Haar classifiers of different bikini shapes. Controlled sample of 3000 pictures is used for testing each image.

Desarrolladora de Softwares de Morelos is selling the product for $1.99, find it at the App Store.

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Android Devices Can Now Control Xbox 360 with SmartGlass App

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Xbox SmartGlass has arrived for Android much earlier than expected.. After the initial launch for the Windows 8 devices on October 26 it was kind of a surprise to see the Android version being dispatched so soon.

xbox smartglass android Android Devices Can Now Control Xbox 360 with SmartGlass App

But we couldn’t see it to be something that got to our hand so early; we mean it wouldn’t be that much compelling to wait for about a year to the see SmartGlass app to finally use it on our iOS or Android devices.

After it was showcased at E3 2012, there wasn’t that much fuzz about SmartGlass. In a broader sense, SmartGlass can be seen as the latest of the things that Microsoft has done to elongate the entertainment sphere of Xbox 360 and must say is the most sufficient addition for this time.

We don’t know if everyone is aware of this SmartGlass app, but if you haven’t let us shed some light on it.

SmartGlass is a beautiful app that will give you the control of your Xbox 360 gaming console through your mobile devices, in this case Android devices with Ice Cream Sandwich or above with a WVGA screen resolution or higher.

Other than playing games, the Xbox controllers are not that wieldy for doing other stuff like net surfing (rotating your thumbsticks on that stupid virtual keyboard of course), searching video/music contents on your 360’s dashboard, checking your Xbox Live Profile or what ever else.

With SmartGlass app, you can use your smartphone’s touchscreen to access all the content without any hassle. Like a remote control, akin to Wii U tablet controller, you can play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and stop with your phone, you can message your XBLA friends, do your 3D Avatar and Xbox Profile editing and lot more.

Dealing with the games, SmartGlass acts as a secondary screen that will serve additional details during gameplay. You can take a look at the leaderboards on your mobile screen without ever interrupting the gameplay on the TV.

Google has plans to launch the iOS version in the near future. So for now, Android users can get SmartGlass from Google Play for free.

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Cinfey App is a Miniature Hollywood Studio on Your iOS Portables

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Hello video editing junkies, how many days have you been sitting and building your wild Hollywood imaginations on video footage you have captured? If you are that kind of junkie who never stop experimenting with kind any of video editing software you get on any platform, say mobile, Tablet or PC, you might  need to take a look on Cinefy for the iOS.

mzl.fdtpjynm.320x480 751 Cinfey App is a Miniature Hollywood Studio on Your iOS Portables

You would know since it’s on a mobile platform it couldn’t do those hefty fireworks that a Final Cut Pro or an Adobe After Effects can do. But it’s a pretty decent FX studio to have it on your iOS devices.

The app doesn’t have a tutorial for first timers, but it’s like any basic editing software with timeline panel to do the working. Strikingly it has about 100 Hollywood CGI special effects to overlay on your video.

Daniel Hellerman, CEO of App Creation Network and the project lead for Cinefy, says it would be more realistic if you shoot your backgrounds without a jerk. Then make the video look supernatural like adding a dinosaur chasing sequence, or flying rockets and explosions from the special effect library of your app, you know the right kind of stuff to put it like a Die Hard movie.

Got yourself a completed movie, then you can share it via YouTube or Facebook to show it to your friends

Says Hellerman, “Have your friends be chased by a T-Rex, duck to avoid incoming missile fire from an attack helicopter, run from the monster, even pilot your own starship,”  he adds Catch Cinefy on iTunes for $0.99 on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and start working.

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Bartender Version 1.0.2 Will Keep Your Menu Bar Clean

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Mac users’ main menu bar on the top of their OS X Window probably have some great number of icons shown that lets them access system apps as well as third party apps. Sure, there could be app icons on the main menu bar you don’t use frequently, and sometimes you feel the main menu bar is a bit crowded with useless icons. It is here Bartender gives you a hand to make your menu bar a little more tidy and user friendly.

BartenderMenuBar21 Bartender Version 1.0.2 Will Keep Your Menu Bar Clean

Bartender offers a menu where you can keep all the app icons without affecting functionality and the menu bar will pop out only when you select the Bartender icon.

Besides the option of putting the icons on the Bartender’s tray from the main menu bar, you can also completely hide those app icons. If any of your hidden app goes on update process you have the option on Bartender to show it on the main menu bar.

But if you wish to see your screen to be perfectly blank without any icons or bars you can choose to hide everything, including the Bartender icon.

Also there is a Notification Center for the app that can also be put on hide mode. One sweet aspect about this app is that you can change Bartender’s own icon. You can choose it from the default listing or can choose your own image for the same.

Now that the Bartender App has gone from the beta version to finished product version 1.0.2  you can purchase it for $15 from developer’s official site. The site also offers a free trail version that you can keep for four weeks.

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Business apps set to surge ahead as mobile trading becomes increasingly popular

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It is a world that is filled with smartphones, tablets and various other handheld gadgets that are increasingly becoming more popular. Latest industry predictions put the use of 10 billion handheld devices by 2016 and that makes it a platform that is hard to ignore for any business.

mobile trading Business apps set to surge ahead as mobile trading becomes increasingly popularA fact which becomes all the more significant for those in the ‘business world’ as these devices allow them to keep a tab on the latest without ever missing a beat even while on the move. And this is a trend that seems to be catching on as both the latest reports from the business world and the app world indicate that more and more traders are quickly embracing the mobile platform.

While mobile trading has pretty much reached a figure close to 5 percent of the entire transactions, mobile apps that promote business are soon set to clearly surpass consumer apps and popular messengers that are current leaders in various app stores. Correlate the two facets and the facts are clear as day. Traders and even the small investors are now turning towards mobiles and tablets to keep a constant eye on the changing market trends.

The new technological evolution is understandable and perfectly logical as one can now simply know the value of a particular share or currency with the press of a single button and keep in touch with constant real-time updates. Whether it is the price of gold or a significant price spurt in the Aluminium market, a change in the copper prices or the value of stock of your preferred company, everything can be accessed on the go thanks to both superior devices and greater seamless internet connectivity.

Of course, a market share of less than 5 percent still means that substantial number of FX Traders and investors still prefer the big screen when it comes to making big decisions. Add to it the fact that many of us still rely on top notch experts and the detailed reports and predictions offered by reputable firms in the industry to make long term decisions and it is clear that while business apps will flourish in the times to come, traditional platforms still will be at the forefront. That is the case at least for the next few years!

Bloom BeautyTrends App for iOS Makes You Look Pretty

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We know there are a lot of people who crave for those stunning celebrity looks. They kill great amount of time searching on YouTube and other online beauty sites to get the best looks for themselves.

mzl.hrslldxv.320x480 75 Bloom BeautyTrends App for iOS Makes You Look Pretty, the social beauty network, has now come up with is this new app for iOS called the Bloom BeautyTrends, and what it does is a lot for those beauty conscious folks out there.

Need a hairstyle akin to a famous celebrity’s, you can have it. The app will give you easy instructions to do it. And there are photos of that particular hairstyle for your convenience, and the list of cosmetics that can get you that hairstyle.

If you dig for a tough one, no worries the app will help you find a local pro to assist you.

It’s not all about different hairstyles; the app has all you look for from the make-up world. That includes facials, skin care, nail polish or what ever you wish. Also, the personalized lookbook in the app will allow you to upload your photos, so that the others can get a look too.

Pick the app here  for free. The developers are also planning to release Bloom BeautyTrends App’s Android version very soon .

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