Cycloramic App Lets your iPhone 5 do Jingalala

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When one buys the latest iPhone 5, they have many aims in mind and personally no one wishes to see it spin on flat surfaces.  Well, it’s majorly because no one knows about such functionality.

But moving further into how this can be done, the iOS app called Cycloramic helps its users to amazingly astonish all your friends in no time. It’s basically a simple app that times the vibrator on the iPhone in a particular clock frequency that when the iPhone is vertically placed on a flat surface, these vibrations can induce a turning motion so flawless that the device becomes a disco light ball.

So is this app worth downloading? Well, as for the price, this app comes at a mere $0.99.

So if you have a dollar to amaze your friends, look no more. This app is the stopping point to all your fun needs.

As a golden feather to the beautiful crown, this app can take live photos to show on the stunning iPhone’s screen such that it can turn the device into a live-turning image-capturing device.

For people who want the fun to last only for some time, there are options to control the number of turns the gadget should conceive before coming to a dead still. The video shows the amazing fete aka the magical turning iPhone 5 and if you want to have fun or pick up girls, this is all you need. Kudos iPhoners.



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Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries Free iPad E-Book from NASA

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December 21st has passed making another doomsday conspiracy finally to end up in vain. But we still don’t believe that the world is ever going to leave these kinds of misconceptions. We all know that there is lot of time for the earth, and what we want to do is to live free. For that, we should inspire from the nature and the universe.

They are the visible truth. So if you are an iPad owner NASA is offering a glimpse of the truth about the universe in the form of an interactive e-book, called Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries.

The interactive e-book has 85 pages of images, videos and animations captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble has been there in NASA for more than two decades observing cosmic phenomenon of planetary nebulae, birth of new planetary systems, death of stars, energy patterns of colliding galaxies and so on. The e-book also contains lots of information about the Hubble telescope and the next generation telescope called James Webb telescope.

Amber Straughn, an astrophysicist on the Webb telescope project at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt,Md, says these new e-books released by NASA will help people to discover Hubble and Webb in a different perspective. Tracy Vogel of Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore,Md, one of the personalities in the compilation team of e-book, says that the e-book has the functionality to view a particular telescope model in various angles besides the video and image contents.

Since Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries has that much lore, it’s a heavy download sized around 900MB. But it’s free and completely worthy to have on your iPad.

Works on iBooks 3.0 or above on iOS 5.1 and higher versions.

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Green Kitchen iOS App will Add Some Veg to Your Life

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Messed up food habits? We don’t even want to talk about all those after effects our body for suffers. Diet will be obviously a solution; definitely that’s what we always pick as the primary objective even before considering a routine exercise resolution.So for diet, we will be omitting the fatty stuffs and bring more veggies to our recipes. But veggies need to be tasty and need not be giving the diet vibe upon us.

The Green Kitchen app will be a helpful assistant on your vegetarian pursuit provided if you have an iPhone or an iPad. David & Luise have been for a while writing their success on their blog called Green Kitchen Stories. This app brings forward some of their favorite recipes from the blog and some new exclusive ones, which is by the way perfectly organic, healthy and simple to make. The app presents detailed interactive instructional guide for preparing the dishes.

There are 72 handpicked recipes and the latest update added six handpicked premium Christmas recipes. The ‘favorites” feature in the app will let you bookmark your liked ones so that you can retrieve them quickly

An amount of $3.99 is the price that you need to pay for healthy life on the App Store. There should be something for the app to get selected as Editor’s choice- runner up for the best in Apple apps of 2012, you must check that out.

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Motorola Preps Premium Machine Roll Out with X-phone and X-tablet

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It’s been a while since Samsung and Apple have dominated discussions about the mobile industry. Apparently, they are major contenders and the ones who hold a majority of the stakes.

Take the estimated number of the last quarter on Android market scene – it says Samsung owns as 40.3 percent of the Android device market share. That’s a bit more compared to what Google got as revenue from the last three quarters combined. It in fact is the effect of Android.  Of course, we can’t set aside Samsung’s finest hardware offerings, but deep down it’s the platform that whips the horse.

According to reports, Google’s thinking of a “what if” situation regarding Samsung as they know how wavering it can be while staying in the market, especially in the electronic arena. Their thoughts lead to consider a probability of Samsung to start their own version of Android with an ecosystem to it.

This might have resulted in putting their latest decision on bringing up Motorola to face off the premium segment mobile market. Called X-phone and X-tablet, they are speculated to be getting a release by the next year. The X-phone is said to be running on a pure version of Android called Vanilla.

At the time Google bought Motorola, things were really bad for the mobile company. After that, Motorola’s business got streamlined for occupying very thin space and now you could see the mere 3 percent hand of them in Android market. Things won’t be easy for them to compete in the premium segment ruled by current big fish.

For that, with the backing of Google, they are putting some modern tech like flexible screens, ceramic material for the body, a super camera, gesture recognition and a longer battery life.

But report  says delays have been faced with difficulties in integration.  What you think of  X? Jot down your opinions.

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Download WhatsApp for Free on your iPhone Thanks to a Limited Period Offer

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Holiday season is well and truly here and in the spirit of giving, the makers of the amazingly popular WhatsApp Messenger have decided that they will give their app away for free to all those on iOS. So, in case you are using an iPhone and have not yet bought the app or if you have just bought your iPhone 5, then you can now simply download it for free from the Apple App Store. The app has switched over from the $0.99 category to the free tag and considering how useful and handy this cross-platform messaging app is, you definitely should give it a shot, if you have not already.

Remember that this is the app that topped the Apple App Store charts as the second most successful paid app in 2012 behind Angry Birds Space and that should tell you how this is simply a must have. WhatsApp is ad-free and hence you will not have to deal with annoying pop-ups and since it is a cross-platform messaging service, you can keep in touch with all those buddies using their Android mobiles as well for free.

The Android version of WhatsApp has always remained free for download, but after a 12 month period a fee of $0.99/year kicks in. For Apple users there has been no fee and with the latest offer, it seems like the app is as good as completely free. But, considering this is a limited time deal, you better get in on it before it is marked back up to the good old $0.99.

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EA starts Christmas Sale of its iPhone and iPad Apps in the US and UK

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EA has kick started its special Christmas Sale for its apps on the iOS platform and Apple users who love to spend countless hours on both their iPhone 5 and iPad can now dig in and enjoy this limited period offer. That seems to be trend each year around the time of holidays as most app makers roll out special offers to ensure that they expand their customer base and of course, spread a bit of holiday cheer. Apple users are definitely not complaining as not only has this year brought along with it the usual dose of ‘special offers goodness’, but the last couple of weeks saw the launch of YouTube and Gmail apps followed by the much awaited Google Maps App.

Getting back to the EA Sale tough, it is pretty much in effect on app stores on both sides of the Atlantic and prices have been slashed by as much as 90 percent; something that you need to absolutely cash in, just in case you were thinking of buying some of EA’s most popular titles. That means for those in UK the two insanely popular games FIFA 13 and Need for Speed Most wanted are now available for just 69p on the app store.

That means they at $0.99 for those in the US and considering that the offer is similar for other EA title s like Tetris, Monopoly, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, Fight Night Champion, The Sims 3 Ambitions, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Mass Effect Infiltrator and Need for Speed Undercover, this probably is indeed the best time not just to buy an app, but also to gift one. Since this limited period sale ends this Christmas, you better get to the app store sooner than later!

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Shizen: Oceanscapes for iOS is Relaxing and Free

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If you have tried out ‘My living desktop’ on your Mac, then you will know all about its soothing effects on the users. The makers of the app have decided to share its beauty with those who own a device that runs on iOS. Nature lovers will be pleased to know that now not only their desktops but also their can get a taste of this free app.

Shizen: Oceanscapes shows you two beautiful HD looped movies of nature sceneries and it also comes with an appropriate audio that syncs with the video, relieving you from all your stress and worries.

This app is completely designed for your Apple’s Retina display as one scene depicts a windswept beach in Washington State and the other is a colorful coral reef, which stands very unique from the others.

If and when you are under great work pressure or if you have a lot in your mind, you simply need to switch on your device to enjoy the soothing effects of this app and you can get all this for free.

Shizen means Nature in Japanese and this app gets its name because it represents beauty of nature in its fullest.

It is also possible to run the video on full screen so that you can experience nature’s beauty to the fullest. And you can even adjust the volume control for the natural sounds.

If you can’t get enough of this app then the developers have cooked up eight more such screens and you can buy them for just $2.99.

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Grokr, a Definitive Search App for iOS

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Things are getting more and more complicated in our lives. So are the technologies that are being built for our assistance. What we seek is just a matter of typing on our search engines. But, what about the search process? Should we say it has come across a phase shift from the traditional type and ask manner? The coming of voice searches, suggestions and recommendations has eased out a little bit in the filtering process for getting “what is appropriate for us” from the myriad of web links.

But with establishment of mobile platforms like the Android and iOS and their coherent massive app ecosystem, now it seems like everything is possible with an app.

Google Now for the Android that released earlier this year was an extensive take from the original Google search. It has its prediction capability to understand what users want judging on their search habits and gets more personalized results on that.

“Grokr” works just like that. But it’s an avatar for the iOS. The developers Grokr, Inc. has envisioned the app to re-imagine the mobile search to a level were “the knowledge and information that we seek will find us”.

Grokr is alchemized from five fundamental units namely the Grokr Knowledge Graph and Entity Rank, the Grokr User Graph, autonomous and predictive algorithms and the visually immersive Grokr information tiles.

With its knowledge data base synched with search algorithms Grokr understands what content you need based on your interests, locations and your time.

It will give you traffic updates before you start your trip, or instant updates on any breaking news or recommends you with a finest option of restaurants on your present location. Unlike other search and discovery apps, Grokr’s interface is in the form of tiles which updates with your entity.

Grokr will ask your permission to link your Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to know about your likes, preferences, searches and like to get a better knowledge of you. This step is completely optional but it will give you a more accurate results.  Experience Grokr from iTunes now.

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QuickOffice iPad Version Free for Google Apps for Business Users

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For Google apps for business persons, this is the season of savings. At least that’s what Google thinks and for that they have picked this prefect year ending time for announcing the QuickOffice iPad version free of cost. The Android and iPhone versions will also soon reach the market.

The current free version requires an iPad running on iOS version 5.0 or above. Those who don’t have an account on Google Apps for Business can always try the QuickOffice Pro HD version which is priced at $7.99.

QuickOffice raised considerable hopes for persons who can’t live without the Microsoft Office files (97–10). The app made users view, create, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats on their mobile devices.

As the app is linked with cloud storage services like Google Drive they were able to have instant access to their files rather than carrying their laptops all the time.

After Google acquired QuickOffice back in June this year, they leveraged the conversion tech and implemented that to Google Docs, Slides and Sheets for effective conversion with much data loss. You might have noticed certain Office features like Charts and Tables getting missed while being viewed on Google Docs.

If you have the QuickOffice app, it would be a better solution while on the go.

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Apple picks the Best of App Store for 2012: Angry Birds and WhatsApp lead the way

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Apple has a tradition of picking the top apps at the end of each year and with 2012 now quickly coming to an end, it is obviously time for them to tell us which apps topped the charts throughout the year. Apart from the chart topping apps, Apple always picks out a few apps as the ‘Editor’s Choice’ for the year based on the creativity and the ingenuity that they bring to the app store. It is Apple’s unique way of rewarding the resourceful developers who are willing to think out of the box. (Instead of just changing characters and environments and rolling the out cheap versions of popular titles)

The list this year saw some usual suspects along with a few lesser known names. The best seller list was led by none other than the furious feathery friends from Rovio who this time ventured into Outer Space. Angry Birds Space took the top spot followed by WhatsApp Messenger, which quickly is becoming a must have on every iPhone. Camera+ took bronze in the category thanks to the growing number of shutter bugs who fancy their photography skills, while Draw Something was fourth followed by the original Angry Birds in the fifth spot. Once again, a list Rovio would be happy about.

The free iPhone App List (which interests us more as, let’s face it, some of us are cheap) was led by Instagram followed by Facebook and Draw Something Free. YouTube came in fourth while the never ending fun offered by Temple Run earned it the last slot in the top 5. Apple though named Action Movie FX the iPhone App of the Year, while the iPad App of the Year went to Paper by FiftyThree. You can obviously check out the full list in iTunes and download any of the titles that you might have missed out on.

So what is your favorite iPhone App of the Year and iPad App of the Year?

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Houzz finally launches Android App after staggering success on iOS

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It has been a long time coming, but if you are an ardent follower of interior design or would love to browse through endless array of photos that portray beautiful homes, stunning décor and amazing furnishings from designers across the globe (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t!), then having Houzz come over on to the Android platform is something you have been anxiously waiting. The wait is now over with the company bringing its acclaimed app for Android users and it is available on Google Play for download.

The app has been highly successful in the iOS arena with Apple users already downloading it over 5 million times and its usage increasing by 400 percent in the last year or so. The platform offered by Houzz really does provide designers reach clients in a more direct fashion and consumers and designer enthusiasts can now not only share their own creations and home images, but can also contact interior designers and architects after seeing their work online. The interface sports over 500 million images and has acquired a perfect 5-star rating on Apple’s App Store.

Houzz says that 40 percent of its users already access the site from both iPhone and iPad devices and that percentage is expected to grow in the next few years. Considering the fact that there will be over 8 billion handheld devices by 2013, catering to the needs of the mobile platform is indeed a smart choice and Houzz is most likely to find similar success on the Android platform considering its vast resource base.

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