Google delivers with latest YouTube App maximized for iPad and iPhone 5 users

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Updating your iPhone or your iPad to the latest iOS can be a bit of an ordeal at times and if you are new to the platform then you will realize that it is not always pretty smooth sailing. That has absolutely nothing to do with the operating system of course, as Apple delivers pretty well each time. The problem is largely with apps and in the recent past, that has been mostly centered around the ones dished out by Google.

YouTube App from Google for iOS 6 Google delivers with latest YouTube App maximized for iPad and iPhone 5 users

There was a time when both Google and Apple got along absolutely fine, but those were the days before the advent of Android platform. Since then, from Google Maps to YouTube, the apps that we took for granted on the iPhone and the iPad slowly started disappearing. And with each iOS update, the one only saw things become a bit more difficult for those who used these apps extensively on Apple gadgets. While the latest upgrade to iOS 6 saw the disappearance of the YouTube app on both the iPhone and the iPad, Google launched a free YouTube app for iPhone and iPod Touch users very soon.

It has been a couple of months now and just ahead of the holiday season Google has unveiled the YouTube app that has been maximized for iPad and iPhone 5. The news is particularly sweet for the new iPad users as they saw the disappearance of YouTube from their tab after the latest OS upgrade. The new app is sure to top the charts once again in the App Store and with more than 25 percent of YouTube users watching videos ‘on the go’, the launch of the app sure makes plenty of sense.

With features like enhanced AirPlay support, videos that start faster and play more smoothly, and improved accessibility, it is just in time for some festive fun as you plan your trip around the Christmas and New Year time.

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Addappt for iPhones will Automatically Update All Information

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Simply checking your address book on your smartphone and computer makes you realize that they hold too much of outdated information. Your friends and colleagues change their jobs, phone numbers, email address and residence frequently and it is almost impossible to tackle this problem.

Addappt Addappt for iPhones will Automatically Update All Information

But now, Addappt a new app launched for iPhone, can resolve this problem by manually updating the countless contacts when changes occur.

It works in a very simple way –  when you add someone’s email address into your phone they will receive an invitation to send their contact information. If the receiver doesn’t have the app they will get a notification to download the app.

If someone has an update regarding like their phone number, address, etc. they can make the change in the app and it will update the information for other Addappt users in the list.

Though it is a promising app but it has some limitations and flaws such as only iPhone users can benefit from this app. Another problem is that in order to use this app you need to convince your friends to download and use Addappt.

The app supports many features including a list of connected users, and your entire address book and also has a timezone feature that will show you the location of your contact.

Well, it is an excellent app and we wish if it could run on all platforms. What do you think?

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Animationist App Helps You to be a Professional

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Synium Software has released a simple but powerful app called Animationist 1.0 for Mac OS X. The app lets you create title art animations, logos and images for your YouTube videos, iMovie, Final Cut projects and even TV broadcasts.

mzl.wljzetug. Animationist App Helps You to be a Professional

The app offers a variety of presets, samples and tutorials and these are animated using keyframes. You can even animate light sources and font kerning and can assign inner and outer shadow, blur, color control and reflectivity.

The software also permits you to combine effects with shaders and compress your movie to save space and deliver it without degrading the quality.

Every edit is displayed in real time and exported as a movie file, a PDF, an image file and or as a layered Photoshop file.

Animationist comes in with an easy to use, yet flexible user interface.  Therefore with this app, you will be able to create your own designs like a professional.

The Animationist requires OS X 10.6 or higher, and is currently available in English and German languages.

It is a 76 MB download app and available at the Mac App Store at a special introductory price of US$24.99.

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Google launches all new iOS App for Gmail to the delight of iPhone and iPad users worldwide

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Google has finally delivered when it comes to offering Apple users with a Gmail app that matches the sleekness of the iOS platform, but also brings in all the amazing features that users of Gmail expect and often, take for granted. The latest iOS app for Gmail unveiled by Google has already received some rave reviews and if you have not already stumbled upon it in the App Store, then you definitely should give it a try right away.

Gmail 2.0 App for iOS Google launches all new iOS App for Gmail to the delight of iPhone and iPad users worldwide

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Zensorium’s Tinke iOS Accessory to Monitor Cardio-Respiratory and Stress Level

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Zensorium has introduced a new accessory for owners of iOS devices that help them to stay healthy. The device that is named Tinke will help you to monitor your cardio-respiratory health and stress level just by simple touch.

tinkeheader Zensorium’s Tinke iOS Accessory to Monitor Cardio Respiratory and Stress Level
The Tinke is a tiny sensor that uses optical sensing technologies to capture blood volume changes. The device plugs into an iOS device with a 30-pin Dock connector.

The manufacturer claims that it will also work with new devices like iPhone 5, iPad Retina and iPad Mini with Apple’s lightning to 30-pin adaptor. The plugging in the device will launch the app and you just need to place your thumb over a pair of two windows, all the while maintaining a constant pressure.

The readings are taken by the red and infrared light. The free Tinké app will calculate a pair of indexes: Vita index and Zen index.

The Vita index is created by the data collected from heart rate, blood oxygen level and respiratory rate, whereas the Zen index measures variation in heart rate to determine your stress level. The whole application is also equipped with sharing capabilities that enables the user to share their results with your Facebook friends, or via the Tinké community.

The Tinke sensor is available in different color options such as black, blue, pink and white and priced at US$119.

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Curiosity-What’s Inside the Cube Game: iOS and Android Users Might Get a Life Changer

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A cyclopean cube is appearing in front of you and you realise that it is needed to be bulldozed down so as to find the mysterious secret inside the cube’s belly. If you are welled up for that kind of task, it will definitely be the curiosity inside your mind and that’s what the new game ‘Curiosity-What’s Inside the Cube’ for Android and iOS demands.

mzl.fakylalc.320x480 75 Curiosity What’s Inside the Cube Game:  iOS and Android Users Might Get a Life Changer

When the game opens, you will see this gargantuan cube built on billions of tiny cubes or simply called cubelets. You can rotate to see the whole cube. When you tap it, it will zoom in to that particular position where you will able to see those cubelets. Now all you need to do is tap!

One tap for demolishing one cube and it will reveal the next layer of cubelets on the main cube. You can’t penetrate the other layer without chipping down all the cubelets in the current layer. Since it’s a social game when you enter the game you will be viewing what others are viewing, that is the present altered state of the cube.

Currently, there are many players online doing this chipping process. But according to the developer 22 Cans, only one person can see what’s inside the cube, “something life-challengingly amazing” they call it. Seems like a pretty overwhelming statement, but let’s not underestimate it people, they could be true.

Peter Molyneux, the veteran game designer well known for Fable series, brainstormed this game, better called to be a ‘Social Experiment’, and he aimed it to study the psychology of social oscillations and monetization. Acquiring that much knowledge from the observations, his studio 22 Cans will implement the project into a future game title they have planned to release with a two years time.

You might be thinking what kind of experiment is this? Tapping all day is not that fun. Though we haven’t played for long we never felt that much slip away of fun and the coin reward system will drive you to stay longer.

Tapping on cube blocks will gain you with coins, join your friends to earn more coins and that way you can purchase tools that can do better damages to the whole structure, like bombs, fire crackers, and the finest ‘diamond chisel’.

But acquiring top most weapons requires tons of coins (3 billion for the diamond chisel). So it’s not only curiosity that the game demands, it’s also the patience of the players.

Apart from occasional server issues with the latency, the game works fine and it all up to you to endure with the idea. Need the game, you know where look at, Google Play and iTunes , that is.

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Foursquare iOS Update Brings 10 Point Rating System

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Is your head always pointing down on your smartphone screen while on the go? We guess you are always connected with your emails or your favorite social networks. Staying alone is never a possibility if you have a network-enabled device.

explore rating Foursquare iOS Update Brings 10 Point Rating System

So what about location -based social apps? Do you use them often? Foursquare, Gowalla and Yelp do the job all fine, and some of you know other similar apps that serves the same purpose.

If you don’t know what a location based social app does, it’s simple. When use the ‘check-in’ option on your app it will give you your current location, your friends’ location, and almost every interesting sites around your current locale, say hotels, boutiques, bar, restaurants, party clubs, and many mores.

So, with your app activated mobile device you can share your location, invite your friends to your favourite/present location, share reviews or images of your spot, tip about it, and if the app has a rating system you can rate and see what others are given.

Most of the apps belonging to this genre have some unique key features (like Gowalla’s augmented reality function). And it has been usually seen that some of the developers who finds a particular feature of their competitor’s app interesting, they adopt it after some days, may be because of the fan feedback or for the sake of expanding functionality.

We guess that’s what happened in the latest update of foursquare for the iOS. A rating system like that of Yelp but despite the stars, they put the 10 point system.  “A lot different from the other types of ratings you see today”, says Foursquare.

So how exactly is this different?

On the explore bar of Foursquare you can search your businesses and it will give you the ratings.  The overall rating comes from judging the factors like your ‘like’ and ‘dislike’, number of your visits, tips, popularity, local expertise etc. They say they have 25 million people and around 3 billion check-ins, so that’s a major source for them to providing a much more perspective to our local businesses.

For non-members of Foursqaure there is this website they have opened lately and it has everything for your appreciation.  Android and other platforms, we afraid there are no words on the launch date but let’s hope for that to happen soon.

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Verizon App Store Hitting Dead End

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US mobile carrier Verizon Wireless is putting an end to its online application store for Android and BlackBerry devices. The jettisoning process is planned to start by January next year and is aimed for the completion by March 27, 2013.

VZDEVComm Verizon App Store Hitting Dead End

So is this bad after all? Verizon doesn’t think so. We all know we are not short on apps today; we have tons of useful as well  as crappy ones too to pick from online stores like Google Play, Apple App Store, Blackberry App World and all such similar hypermarkets.

Verizon says majority of apps placed on the Verizon Apps market are also available from the above specified online stores. Staying with an app store doesn’t seem to have any benefit and those developers who are doing apps for the carrier-exclusive Android and Blackberry devices are getting the same stake (70 per cent of the earnings) even if they are making it on the popular platforms.

When they begin the halting procedure, all categories like monthly subscription models, in-app purchases, usage-based models, and obliviously new app purchases will be disabled. For subscription-based apps, customers can make their last purchase for November with the final billing. And, the service will cease on the customers annual renewal date.

The Verizon Developer Community Go To Market will also be shuttered. But the community portal will remain open so that developer can refer their apps logistics and reporting. However, community dedicated resources for platforms, APIs Verizon tools will not be closed from access.

The enterprise apps exhibited at the Verizon’s Private Applications Store for Business are isolated from the whole deletion decision and so enterprise customers can deal with them whenever they want.

Have you been using Verizon Apps? Tell us how you feel about this!

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Wine Simplified, iOS e-book will make you a sommelier

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Wine world is confusing, we don’t know the terminologies, which one tastes good for our tongue or which one should go best with our ordered dishes or even about its color. Let’s order some wine, the moment when we look at those wine labels we feel at sea.

mzl.maehnids.320x480 75 Wine Simplified, iOS e book will make you a sommelier

Troubles will be taken care of, if you have an iPad or an iPhone. Wine Simplified: Navigate Wine with Confidence, for iOS, is an interactive e-book that has everything for rookies like us.

Open Air Publishing who has released a bunch of successful e-books is introducing the work of sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old that will help you to breakdown the pickle and will guide us with simple soothing words to place a prefect order.

Unlike scrapping down lines of instructions, the book has infographs, interactive guided tours, slideshows, 240 audio pronunciations and 90 minutes of video tutorials. Fair enough!

Author Marnie Old says that she is helping the people “to overcome the barriers to understanding wine”.  Multimedia platform is the best for presentation and user friendless and with the iPad’s interface things will flow with more ease making the book more engaging and effective, she adds.

Marnie Old is a wine columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News and has served as Director of Wine Studies at the French Culinary Institute inNew York.

So if you have anything wine related like going for a wine shopping, looking for a wine-dish combination,  judging the wine style from various regions and more importantly (for us) deciphering the labels we will be looking Wine Simplified, what about you ?

Get it for $9.99 from App Store.

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Corkulous iOS App Helps You Manage Your Plans

November 5, 2012 by sanjo | No Comments | Filed in Apps

Corkboard was meant for planning things, or writing down some important notes so that we don’t want to forget amid our busy lives. But it is always quiet a mess with those tacks and paper scraps and searching through them has become harder than forming a quarter year business plan.

mzl.ejfpvswh.320x480 75 Corkulous iOS App Helps You Manage Your Plans

Of course, we have been depending on those multimedia organizer apps for tackling our laziness and getting things to order. So getting a more edgy application for these planning purposes was always part of our aim and what we got struck lately was this ‘Corkulous’.

Corkulous is a virtual idea board app for the iOS devices where you can put almost everything like that of a physical cork board. The app holds a collection ofCorkboards so that we can categorize for our various tasks say official or personal. On each cork board we can do place our needs like, all sort of notes – reminders, family messages, to-do list, groceries, wild ideas!, ambitions, you know that stuff like that. Images, contacts, index cards are the other formats that can be pinned to the board.

Storage of cork board can either be done your on device memory or on the iCloud or Dropbox. You can also access your cork boards vie iTunes if you can export it as a PDF file.

Corkulous free version has only a single board and the shared Dropbox files are read-only. If you go for the Corkulous Pro version it has multiple cork boards, passcode lock functionality and the full Dropbox and iCloud Support.

You can upgrade from free to pro version with $4.99 in-app purchase or directly go for the Corkulous Pro for the same price, all available on iTunes.

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Path App iPad Version Out; Works Well With iPad Mini Too

November 2, 2012 by sanjo | No Comments | Filed in Social, X

Path has released their iPad specific version of the iOS app. It works well on the iPad mini too. The app is now available in the App Store for free. Path is a highly recommended private social network on the iPhone and on Android. It allows you to connect with up to 150 of your closest friends. You can also post status updates and photographs, including favorite music, movies and check-in information.

mzl.rlsblrfi.480x480 75 Path App iPad Version Out; Works Well With iPad Mini Too

Path for iPad is not just a bigger version of Path on mobile. Of course, the large screen allows more interactions and along with that, it brings many new and delightful features too. The Landscape-view allows you to connect with your family and friends and it also displays a collage of the day’s moments on the screen. You can also revisit the previous days with help of the app.

The new iPad version comes with more information and you can view the updates on a full screen. The key design feature of this app is its menu, which spirals out icons for posting. In the iPad version, the feature is located on the right hand side and not the left side as in the case of the iPhone.

The developers of Path have also confirmed that the iPad app allows the expansion of your friend circle to more than 150.

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