Pure Jongo in Vivid Colours for Pure Music Experience

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With so many manufacturers racing towards the target of releasing so many speakers and audio related products, there have been works in the Pure plot too. These guys have burnt many days and have finally came out with their most appealing product and accessories.

pure jongo lineup Pure Jongo in Vivid Colours for Pure Music Experience
Known as the Jongo, it is a speaker system that is well fabricated, wireless, aesthetically colored and absolutely ravishing with app support for multiple platforms. It doesn’t matter if your tablet runs on iOS or Android, you can play whatever you choose in almost all equalizer presets known to mankind.

With their advanced wireless technology, music can be played in these wireless speakers using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. These speakers are special too.

Always front-facing, these speakers have sub-woofers attached to them. Also, these are capable of giving the ultimate music experience as they have a rotating speaker system built into the dome.

Available in multiple colour shades, these gadgets are a must have for any music lover as these will fit perfectly in every room. With around 10 hours of battery backup, these devices can deliver their performance all night long if you intend them to.

The Pure Connect app is also a thing that needs some special mention. The Pure Connect app gives you free access to thousands of Internet radio stations, on-demand radio programmes, podcasts and ambient sounds.

Along with all these, the user can get all the music he wants via the Pure Music subscription service. This app allows music to get streamed on to Jongo and in short, this is the best product-app-music combination available in the market.

Priced at $229, the Jongo S340B portable speaker is the debut speaker in the series and it looks like a fair bargain.

PhoneSheriff App Adds Muscle to Parental Controls

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The PhoneSheriff parental control app, with the help of its web interface, can let us monitor things that are going in and out from our mobile devices.

PhoneSheriff Home 550x977 PhoneSheriff App Adds Muscle to Parental Controls

If you want to keep an eye on your child or your staff members regarding confidentiality or even stalking your mate if there is a possibility of cheating, the app is for you. But formally we can call this one as an app dedicated to parents who are bothered about what their children are doing on their smartphones.

Once you are done with the simple installation process, you can set the blocking and filtering actions as you wish. Logging into the online account will give you access to data log library on your mobile actions. The app will be password protected and will stay in incognito mode while doing its job.

You can block calls, messages, applications, websites, and even the phone camera. The app’s data log will record details on incoming/outgoing calls and SMSes and the contact numbers that are more frequently used.

All the contacts, deleted data and the image files and video files saved in the phone can be viewed with the app’s interface. The app will send alert notifications if there are any modifications going on, like SIM replacement or uninstallation of the app. A notable feature is GPS tracking, where the parents will be able to locate their child wherever he is.

All the app versions including Android and iOS are free for the first 7 days and after that it comes with $49.97 subscription fee per year. We need to believe that this app could take digital creepiness to the next level. Hey, sometimes privacy matters too.

Facebook Voice Message on Messenger App for iOS and Android

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Facebook has brought in a remarkable phase shift to its mobile space with the addition of voice message on the Android and iOS Messenger apps. The update adds the ability to record our voice upto one minute length and can be sent to our contacts.

NewImage Facebook Voice Message on Messenger App for iOS and Android

The entire conservation is displayed in the sound waveform view where we can stream it to hear it. The file is also accessible via the web.  Tapping and holding the red record button will activate the mode for you to record your voice message. We are not certain if people use voice message more often, but sure it seems to be a better replacement for lengthy typing tasks, and we couldn’t deny the fact the there will be some occasions where people prefer voice over simple texts.

Rather than hassling on third party apps, this update surely is a relief to do voice while staying on Facebook itself.

Reportedly, another big step they are taking is on the Voice over IP league.  They are on the testing phase for implementing peer to peer VoIP calls through the app without costing a penny. The feature is said to be only requires a data plan or WiFi connectivity.

The pilot program is currently taking place for the Canadian iOS users. And, presumably the feature will be launching in the United States and European regions soon after the testing process is done.

Canadian iOS users will notice the “i” button on Messenger app where you can get the calling option. You need to update the app to the latest version for the service.

Skype New Version Kicks Out People Hub Integration on WP8

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Tried Skype on your Windows Phone? Did it suffer any nagging?

The latest update got some improvements with bug fixes for Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows 8. Sadly, with the new update, the People Hub Skype integration has been detached from the app.

skype windows phone Skype New Version Kicks Out People Hub Integration on WP8

They say the reason is to be a part of attaining system stability. The removal is not permanent; they will get it back with future updates.

People Hub is a top notch functionality that act as a multi level contact book where we can do mailing, texting, chatting and all the other social media updates, whatever it is, like Facebook, Twitter , Linkedln and the like. The Skype window on the contact hub really had the pull for the app, but since this Windows app is in preview version we can’t expect it to be in a stable form.

Hope the final version would be without any hiccups. One notable feature of the app is the push notification, where we don’t need to always ‘on’ the app for getting incoming call alerts.

With the new update, the notification and calling functionality will raise the performance bar to a much more fluid level. Also the update puts some polishing to Chat keyboard’s autocomplete and autocorrect features.

After the acquisition of Skype, Microsoft is ongoing with their  process of swapping users from the Windows Live Messenger.

Christmas Frenzy: 1.76 Billion Android and iOS Apps Downloaded Globally in the Last Week of 2012

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If you ever wondered about all the hype generated around Christmas time regarding sales and shopping frenzy, then the stats from Flurry Analytics regarding mobile apps downloaded across the planet for the Christmas week should more or less put an end to the speculation. The latest figures released by the company suggest that there were 1.76 billion iOS and Android app downloads in the last week of the year gone by and that is number, which is 65 percent higher than app downloads for the first three weeks of December in 2012.

Christmas Week iOS Android App Download Christmas Frenzy: 1.76 Billion Android and iOS Apps Downloaded Globally in the Last Week of 2012

It is not just a record downloading of apps though that makes the numbers special as 50 million iOS and Android devices were activated in the same week with over 17.5 million of them happening on Christmas day. The facts that gifts are generously exchanged during this time definitely showed a significant impact on the numbers, but when it comes to app downloads the many offers that were thrown around for the festive season also helped a great deal.

Many of the app developers came out with exclusive offers that included huge price slashes and even at times limited period offers that promised a free download. This would have obviously helped immensely and some of us here can ourselves vouch for this phenomenon having downloaded FIFA 13 finally after a generous discount! Among the nations with the most downloads it is the US that tops the list as it stands way ahead of the rest followed by China and the UK. Smaller European nations, South East Asian countries, Australia and Brazil make up the rest.

Numbers from Flurry indicate that even the first two weeks of December saw over a billion downloads/week and those close to the mobile world believe that that numbers should easily surge past two billion/week by the last few months of 2013. Seems like good times for both makers of handheld devices and mobile app developers!

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Top Android Apps: Google Picks the 12 Best Android Apps of 2012

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If Apple picked the best of 2012 when it came to iOS apps, then you can obviously expect Google to be too far behind. But unlike in the case of Apple Google has not released an extensive list of top 5 apps as of now, but simply has picked what it believes are the 12 best apps of the year gone by. The best of 2012 include some of the apps that have been released in the last 12 months, while there are also those which have received a new update in the period.

Google Best Android Apps 2012 Top Android Apps: Google Picks the 12 Best Android Apps of 2012

The list starts off with Zappos since for some reason Google seems to maybe think that ‘buying shoes’ is an amazing and fun activity. Obviously my girlfriend is already happy with the list and in a way so am I since at least one need not spend countless hours in the store again. Then it is Evernote and there are many out there who would agree with its presence on the list thanks to the comfort that brings to jotting down ideas.

If you love images the Pinterest should keep you hooked and then Grimm’s Snow White and Pocket complete the top 5 in the 12. Expedia comes in at the sixth spot and should make the travel enthusiasts happy while next on the list is Ancestry. Fancy, Mint, SeriesGuide Show Manager, Pixlr Express and TED Conferences make up the dozen picked by Google. The list does not really stand out and none of the picks offer anything surprising or even seem to reward creativity of the developers in any sort of fashion.

Seems like Google simply decided that they will pick 12 apps from Google Play Store from possible 12 different categories and this really seems like a list just thrown together. Of course, you are welcome to disagree and offer your own top 10 Android apps. So what are your picks for 2012?

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Autumn Walk for iPhone and Android is Fun and Interesting

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A fine evening walk under a breezy weather is a suitable situation to let our thoughts roam and to refill freshness into our minds. Well, that’s the real life, but what about the virtual world?

Autumn Walk Scrolling background Autumn Walk for iPhone and Android is Fun and Interesting

Games can create alternate equivalents in virtual form, and since we are interested in walking, how about picking up the free title from Monster and Monster, called the Autumn Walk, for iOS and Android. It would certainly help you to free your mind.

The whole objective of the game sounds like all those runner games that are out there in the market. But Autumn Walk is different, and it’s original.
Its doesn’t even have the slightest degree of complication like what we see in similar games (you know, things like collecting coins , make upgrades and all that). This game simply lets you walk with your pet dog.

The whole thing is to make the dog leash to stay put. Created in retro-style, the autumn in the game looks fabulous with red leafs wavering in the air.
Our guy is a Victorian gentleman and he has his dog, Colin, with him to walk through the windy park. The dog sometimes gets lazy, so we need to tap rapidly to bring him back on his feet.

And sometimes he acts a little excited and tries running, eventually dragging our guy with the leash. Tap and hold the screen to bring him back to normal.

Both these cases will appear frequently to interrupt our walk. Holding too long and untimely tapping will break the leash and the walk will be over and the distance that we covered will be displayed.

You might feel that this is a boring experience for a game. Well, not at all. The occasional dialogues, framed about his thoughts, are displayed on speech bubbles, and they are quiet interesting to read. And it has a competitive side, as in making a high score and records on the leaderboards.

Our walker is a very dignitary person, so he has great taste for his dress code. If you find any interesting piece you can make that in-app purchase ranging from $1 to $4.

Jetpack Joyride iOS Game Will Have Your Thumbs Pumping

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How can life be for a broken businessman who got fed up with his crippled sales? Barry Steakfires’s case went a little different after he quit his job.

jetpacK Jetpack Joyride iOS Game Will Have Your Thumbs Pumping

He got a new glamorous job in a research company doing experimentations on jetpacks. But after realizing that the company’s intentions were set on world domination by using the machines, he couldn’t stay as a sitting duck.

He blasted the lab wall like the Hulk and stole the jetpack. This is the endless running retro-inspired classic game, Jetpack Joyride.

If you want a little more elaboration on game’s story, read on. The game starts from the place where our hero steals the jetpack.

What we have to do is to go as far as we can in that underwater laboratory. In the midst of all this, flipped out scientists are running inside the lab.

So we have to use our jetpack to dodge some pretty wild scientific lasers, rockets and machine stuffs. Collecting in-game coins will help us unlock new jetpacks, boostables, upgrades, and skins.

At certain points of our ride, there will be vehicle and suit power-ups that we can take to gain additional abilities. Anti-gravity suit, Profit Bird and Lil Stomper are a few among them.

The game was released on September 1, 2011 for iOS and the other versions for Windows and Android came late, around mid-2012. And finally the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita version got the freemium title available for download.

BlueStacks App Player Beta Version Now Available for Download

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Back in 2012, BlueStacks had released its alpha version of Android app player software for Mac and now the company has announced its beta version. Offering a means run more than 750,000 Android apps on Mac, the beta version is now available for free download on the BlueStacks website.

Blue stack BlueStacks App Player Beta Version Now Available for Download

When BlueStacks released its alpha version, it supported only a few apps like Fruit Ninja and Pulse. But the latest release would allow any Android application to run on a Mac. This app makes development of Android applications easier because it will run on all Macs and PCs without any modification.

The App Player is already turning to be a big hit and right now the app has managed over 5.3 million installations. Recently, the company had inked partnerships with some chipmakers and manufacturers for pre-installing the App Player on machines.

According to BlueStacks VP of Business Development, John Gargiulo, the company is now working on a new App Discovery system to the Mac App Player. This app will make it easier to find out their favorite app.

By installing the App Player on your Mac, you can now follow the popular news app Flipboard. The Beta version of App Player for Mac and Windows systems is now available on the company’s website.

SoundMeter+ iPhone App Measures Noise Levels

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SoundMeter+ is an iPhone app that monitors surrounding noise by using the iPhone’s internal microphone. The app measures surrounding noise and calculates the dBA.

soundmeter SoundMeter+ iPhone App Measures Noise Levels

The SoundMeter+ also allows you to measure sound in different standard measuring units such as dBC, dBB, dBD and dBZ. All these measurements calculate different frequencies of sound. The dBA measures those frequencies which human ear can hear while the dBB takes the lower frequencies especially the entertainment noise.

The app displays a variety of information using a digital meter and gives you the exact measurements. The graphical meter in the app shows the noise fluctuation. It also reminds you the maximum and minimum noise levels recorded and the lasting time for each sound.

Above all, the SoundMeter+ analyzes the ambient noise over time and then calculates the Time Weighted Average (TWA). TWA measures the different noise levels a person hear in a normal working day. It is mostly used by OSHA to find out a worker’s exposure to hearing-damaging sounds.

The only drawback of SoundMeter+ is that it is not compatible with the iPhone 5. This one is a perfect app for those who work or live in noisy environments. The app is now available for purchase for $1.99.

The Orchestra iPad App for Classical Music Lovers

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For all classical music lovers, Touch Press has come up with their new iPad app called Orchestra. If you are a real classical music fan, then you should not miss this one.

theorchestra  The Orchestra iPad App for Classical Music Lovers

The Orchestra contains extracts of eight classical works conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen and it was performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra. You can pick your favorite music and watch the video from different angles.

The app even offers a commentary on the music you are selected to hear. Another unique feature of the Orchestra app is that it will let you select any section of the music.

This feature is available in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and for the rest of the music you need to purchase it at $0.99. As we mentioned above, the Orchestra contains eight classical pieces and they are: Haydn’s “Symphony No. 6,” Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5,” Berlioz’s “Symphony Fantastique,” Debussy’s “Prélude à l’après midi d’un faune,” Mahler’s “Symphony No. 6,” Stravinsky’s “The Firebird,” Lutosławski’s “Concerto for Orchestra,” and Salonen’s “Violin Concerto.”

The app is compatible with any second, third- and fourth-generation iPad, and iPad mini running iOS 6.0 or above and is available in the App Store for $14. The Orchestra app comes to almost 2 GB, so make sure that you have enough space in your device.