NY’s MTA Releases iOS App to Show Train Arrival Times

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New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently released an iOS app that will provide information regarding the train arrival times for seven subway lines. The app named MTA Subway Time will show the train arrival times for 156 stations on the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 lines and the 42nd street shuttle.

NY subway app NY’s MTA Releases iOS App to Show Train Arrival Times

The app will show the same timing information that is shown on the station’s countdown clocks above the train platforms. It is a really helpful app for passengers to get the right time of the train and it even helps them to decide if they have enough time for a coffee, before reaching the station.

According to the developers, right now the app can handle up to 5,000 incoming requests per second. The NY Metropolitan authorities are also planning to develop the app for non-Apple handheld devices too.

The days are over when passengers were uncertain about the train arrivals times, says
MTA Chairman and CEO Joseph J. Lhota  The app is currently available only for Apple products, like iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads.

The test version of the app can be downloaded free. Similar MTA apps are already available for bus arrivals and the drive times in Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road trains and bridges and tunnels.

Infinite Refrigerator App Keeps Your Child’s Drawings

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If you have small children, then you know how much they like to hang their drawings and artworks on the refrigerator. But what will you do after the refrigerator has no more space?

infiniterefrig Infinite Refrigerator App Keeps Your Child’s Drawings

Are you going to throw away all these sweet memories? If so, then you will definitely get a feeling of guilt, and more importantly, your child too will get hurt.

So, every parent who is looking for a permanent solution for this problem can turn towards Infinite Refrigerator. It’s not your conventional refrigerator; it’s an app.

Infinite Refrigerator is a photo gallery app from Sharp Talon Software and it will save your child’s works. The app has a cartoonish kitchen background with a refrigerator as its canvas.

You can select a brightly colored refrigerator in the app and can pin the digital photo on the virtual refrigerator. It even allows you to add a caption and an audio commentary of your child so that you can remember the details.

You can add nine to 10 photos per refrigerator and can overlap or even resize the images to fit in the appliance. The app enables you to create multiple refrigerators and remember its contents.

When your refrigerator is full, you can transfer the pictures into a camera roll. You can print it or share it on social networking sites via Twitter, MMS or email.

Don’t you think that it is a perfect app to make your child happy? This app is available for free from the iOS app store and it requires iOS 6.

Doodley Moore iOS App Lets You Sketch Over Your Favorite Photos

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iPhone doodlers now have yet another reason to hang out with their lenses. Doodley Moore from Codewalla is a fun app that lets you create sketches on your captured moments. The app gives you the hand to draw crazy outlines and drawings while doing a live video or on a paused timeline or simply on a snapped image.

mzl.kxtwlpky.320x480 75 Doodley Moore iOS App Lets You Sketch Over Your Favorite Photos

Tapping the app opens a viewfinder mode of the camera where you can take your interesting shots or footages to start the sketching.

Pick up a brush to sketch your ideas in to the image. You don’t need to worry if you have any shaky hands; the app has the undo button to rework your imagination.

It also has an eraser if you need to do a little polishing. Necessary editing options like adjustable brush size, background transparency and color settings are there placed in on its minimalist user interface.

After you have done with the final strokes, save it to the Photo Library. Or may be, you could share it with your friends on Facebook.

The app   is free to download on iTunes and you will sure find it enjoyable.

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Tapatalk HD Beta Version Available in Google Play Store for Free

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Belong to any Forumer blood? Then you might be following, posting or even running forums to battle with your interest among others.

tapatalk hd Tapatalk HD Beta Version Available in Google Play Store for Free

That said, you might have heard of Tapatalk app for Android , iOS and BlackBerry. Tapatalk is a single window to all your favorite forums, provided if that particular forum has the app setting in it.

The app will give you some degree of alleviation from the browser hassling of opening multiple tabs for accessing multiple forums. Tapatalk HD beta version for Android tablets, which released back in October, was only downloadable at supported forums.

Now it got into Google Play Store for your convenience. The current updated version is 0.9.0 and will run on Android 3.0 and above.

But developers say it is well-tailored for the tablets running on Ice Cream Sandwich or the Jelly Bean version of Android. Certain features are notable for this app, like the dashboard of the app with split view interface is well suited for 7” and 10” tablet screens.

Bigger forums can be viewed in Gallery view and the push notification option will feed you with instant pop ups on subscriptions, messages and the like. The now available beta version is free but with the stable release, which is going to be around by the end of January 2013, they will charge it for a fee.

Interestingly, the dev team said that they will put a huge discount on the final release for those who have downloaded the Tapatalk Beta HD. The iPad version is priced for $6.49 and the Android version for smartphone is priced at $ 2.99.

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Card Lust App for iOS Allows You to Gift Affection Digitally

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We guess you must have received a lot of surprises this year. And you might be getting early New Year wishes or might be waiting for your beloveds to send you something very special.

original1 Card Lust App for iOS Allows You to Gift Affection Digitally

But sometimes it’s hard for human beings like us to borrow some time from our tight schedules to pick a card and handwrite a few words, blessing our dear ones for another fruitful year. For business purposes we often send cards but they are all the same and have that printed message of formality.

When we receive a greeting card with a lovely note, there’s a warmth that spreads inside of us. We can clearly assume that it would be the same feeling for those who receive cards from us.

So if you have stayed out of those customs for sometime, you could at least send a card from your phone. If you have an iOS device, then its even better.

iTunes have an app called Card Lust  for $1.99, which is really handy during festive times. The app 12 unique wonderful cards with which you can make personal notes and send to your friends and family.

These cards are hand painted by artists Elspeth Tremblay and Sara Hingle on water colors, giving a fair intimacy and nostalgia to your memories. Pick your card from the app to type in your message and you can send it through text, email, Facebook or Instagram.

The calendar functionality of the app will let you mark your friends’ birthdays so that you won’t miss any of those occasions.

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Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy App All Set to Hit iPhone Screens

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Rafael Nadal is no doubt one of the greatest tennis players of all time and the current World Number 4 only slowed down by injury, is all set to storm your iPhone screens with an amazing new coaching app that sounds like simply a ‘must have’ for anyone who practices the game seriously. The Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy App is complete and ready for a launch on the iOS platform and should be available for download in the next couple of days, according to the tennis ace.

Rafael Nadal Tennis App Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy App All Set to Hit iPhone Screens

Developed with the help of video-analysis firm Vstrator, the app gives you a complete coaching manual of Rafa’s very own powerful array of strokes that often leave his opponents gasping for breath. Apart from learning from one of the best on the planet, the app also allows you to analyze your own game by capturing a video and then studying it carefully with the various in-built tools. Now you can capture and study all your ground strokes to ensure that your game improves constantly.

The technology offered by Vstrator allows you to zoom in and examine your game whether it is on the court or at school and with appropriate tips from Rafa’s own experience and a chance to study and learn his strokes, the app should be a pretty big hit with anyone aspiring to become a future pro. As we wait anxiously for the specially crafted app from the 11-time Grand Slam Champion we can only assume that such apps from the greats of various sports will become more common as we move into the era of handheld devices.

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GymPact App for Android to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution regarding Fitness

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GymPact has announced the launch of its app for the Android platform and coming just ahead of the New Year that must be something of a relief for many like us, who each year make the same commitment towards a workout routine and then simply bail out after a week or two. Going to a Gym on a regular basis is a pretty difficult habit to cultivate and is pretty much a nightmare for not just every beginner, but also trainers. Many just pay the membership fee, give it a shot and then quit before they really get a chance to improve their health and fitness. GymPact assists you in beating this trend by putting more money on the line!

GymPact on Android GymPact App for Android to help you keep your New Years Resolution regarding Fitness

The app that has been on the iOS platform for some time now allows you to pledge a certain amount of money to the company before each month so that you do not miss your workout goal. If you do miss the scheduled workout sessions, then that money is taken from your account by the company and if you are successful, the makers of the app pay you instead! Obviously the app is so successful not just because of the extra motivation it offers, but also the prospect of making some real cash.

Having said that, the fact that its makers are able to pay back users meeting their goals probably shows the number of slackers around and how they are funding GymPact well! The technology of the app is based on GPS tracking system that checks on your visit to the gym and also other verification protocols at the gym. Since there is real money involved here, the company is on the constant look out for cheats who might exploit any loopholes for a quick buck.

But if you are someone who makes a New Year’s resolution every year about seriously hitting the gym and need extra motivation to keep you going, then the arrival of GymPact on Android is good news indeed. Time to hit those weights hard

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Cycloramic App Lets your iPhone 5 do Jingalala

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When one buys the latest iPhone 5, they have many aims in mind and personally no one wishes to see it spin on flat surfaces.  Well, it’s majorly because no one knows about such functionality.

cycloramic Cycloramic App Lets your iPhone 5 do Jingalala

But moving further into how this can be done, the iOS app called Cycloramic helps its users to amazingly astonish all your friends in no time. It’s basically a simple app that times the vibrator on the iPhone in a particular clock frequency that when the iPhone is vertically placed on a flat surface, these vibrations can induce a turning motion so flawless that the device becomes a disco light ball.

So is this app worth downloading? Well, as for the price, this app comes at a mere $0.99.

So if you have a dollar to amaze your friends, look no more. This app is the stopping point to all your fun needs.

As a golden feather to the beautiful crown, this app can take live photos to show on the stunning iPhone’s screen such that it can turn the device into a live-turning image-capturing device.

For people who want the fun to last only for some time, there are options to control the number of turns the gadget should conceive before coming to a dead still. The video shows the amazing fete aka the magical turning iPhone 5 and if you want to have fun or pick up girls, this is all you need. Kudos iPhoners.



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Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries Free iPad E-Book from NASA

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December 21st has passed making another doomsday conspiracy finally to end up in vain. But we still don’t believe that the world is ever going to leave these kinds of misconceptions. We all know that there is lot of time for the earth, and what we want to do is to live free. For that, we should inspire from the nature and the universe.

hubblee book 38473 640 Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries Free iPad E Book from NASA

They are the visible truth. So if you are an iPad owner NASA is offering a glimpse of the truth about the universe in the form of an interactive e-book, called Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries.

The interactive e-book has 85 pages of images, videos and animations captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble has been there in NASA for more than two decades observing cosmic phenomenon of planetary nebulae, birth of new planetary systems, death of stars, energy patterns of colliding galaxies and so on. The e-book also contains lots of information about the Hubble telescope and the next generation telescope called James Webb telescope.

Amber Straughn, an astrophysicist on the Webb telescope project at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt,Md, says these new e-books released by NASA will help people to discover Hubble and Webb in a different perspective. Tracy Vogel of Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore,Md, one of the personalities in the compilation team of e-book, says that the e-book has the functionality to view a particular telescope model in various angles besides the video and image contents.

Since Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries has that much lore, it’s a heavy download sized around 900MB. But it’s free and completely worthy to have on your iPad.

Works on iBooks 3.0 or above on iOS 5.1 and higher versions.

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Green Kitchen iOS App will Add Some Veg to Your Life

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Messed up food habits? We don’t even want to talk about all those after effects our body for suffers. Diet will be obviously a solution; definitely that’s what we always pick as the primary objective even before considering a routine exercise resolution.So for diet, we will be omitting the fatty stuffs and bring more veggies to our recipes. But veggies need to be tasty and need not be giving the diet vibe upon us.

greenkitchenapp Green Kitchen iOS App will Add Some Veg to Your Life

The Green Kitchen app will be a helpful assistant on your vegetarian pursuit provided if you have an iPhone or an iPad. David & Luise have been for a while writing their success on their blog called Green Kitchen Stories. This app brings forward some of their favorite recipes from the blog and some new exclusive ones, which is by the way perfectly organic, healthy and simple to make. The app presents detailed interactive instructional guide for preparing the dishes.

There are 72 handpicked recipes and the latest update added six handpicked premium Christmas recipes. The ‘favorites” feature in the app will let you bookmark your liked ones so that you can retrieve them quickly

An amount of $3.99 is the price that you need to pay for healthy life on the App Store. There should be something for the app to get selected as Editor’s choice- runner up for the best in Apple apps of 2012, you must check that out.

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Motorola Preps Premium Machine Roll Out with X-phone and X-tablet

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It’s been a while since Samsung and Apple have dominated discussions about the mobile industry. Apparently, they are major contenders and the ones who hold a majority of the stakes.

Motorola Vert2 Motorola Preps Premium Machine Roll Out with X phone and X tablet

Take the estimated number of the last quarter on Android market scene – it says Samsung owns as 40.3 percent of the Android device market share. That’s a bit more compared to what Google got as revenue from the last three quarters combined. It in fact is the effect of Android.  Of course, we can’t set aside Samsung’s finest hardware offerings, but deep down it’s the platform that whips the horse.

According to reports, Google’s thinking of a “what if” situation regarding Samsung as they know how wavering it can be while staying in the market, especially in the electronic arena. Their thoughts lead to consider a probability of Samsung to start their own version of Android with an ecosystem to it.

This might have resulted in putting their latest decision on bringing up Motorola to face off the premium segment mobile market. Called X-phone and X-tablet, they are speculated to be getting a release by the next year. The X-phone is said to be running on a pure version of Android called Vanilla.

At the time Google bought Motorola, things were really bad for the mobile company. After that, Motorola’s business got streamlined for occupying very thin space and now you could see the mere 3 percent hand of them in Android market. Things won’t be easy for them to compete in the premium segment ruled by current big fish.

For that, with the backing of Google, they are putting some modern tech like flexible screens, ceramic material for the body, a super camera, gesture recognition and a longer battery life.

But report  says delays have been faced with difficulties in integration.  What you think of  X? Jot down your opinions.

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