HICKIES Does Away With Shoelaces

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Tying shoelaces is an easy thing to do but now thanks to shoe hickeys you won’t have to take the time out of your life to do that. Everyone knows how to tie their shoelaces but if you have the habit of waking up late in the morning and becoming late for work or school regularly, then this new invention could save you a split second and might be able to save you from the routine.

shoe hickies laces HICKIES Does Away With Shoelaces

The HICKIES Elastic Lacing System helps you forget the trouble and bore of tying a shoe as these bands are made of a “special blend of elastic copolymers that stretch to accommodate any shoe of any size.

And they have taken comfort as their number one priority so that you won’t have to worry about a tight shoe.

Not only do you get a set of 14 HICKIES of your selected colour, you get two in a “surprise” colour, so you can choose your favourite colour, which matches your shoe. This is not only useful but also a fashion accessory; you can even say they turn your shoes into slip ons.

You can purchase them for just $19.99 from Brookstone and choose wisely between the different variety of 16 colors that they offer you.

If you do so, you will also receive a free app for Android and Apple users that gives you a preview on the shoes and their matching Hickeys.

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JVC Notching Up App and Smartphone Compatibility

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There was an announcement made by JVC at the CES convention, which says that they have decided to expand app and smartphone compatibility for 2013 head units. That’s right guys, they have promised that the company is going to introduce the new arsenal high-end line up with smartphone connectivity and that brings to the table advanced multimedia features.

JVC JVC Notching Up  App and Smartphone Compatibility

So we are sure to see compatible applications as the year moves forward and JVC promises to release more Android compatible apps too in the future.

Though now the company is concentrating on kicking off the year with the MotionX GPS-Drive, which promises to deliver functions like live speed limit updates, navigation tools, maps and turn by turn commands.

The Android compatible apps are expected to offer the JVC Smart Music Control and users will also be able to utilize 12 gestures and voice commands to tweak EQ settings. Now you need not look at your smartphone to control the head unit.

JVC ensures a more pleasurable driving experience as they have also incorporated an eye pleasing function called 5-Zone Variable Color. You can now manipulate through 30,000 different colors with variable brightness in each of five separate zones to create different light effects.

That is sure to make your car’s interior much more brighter and you can also customize them to your taste and moods. When you receive a call the zone suddenly changes to Green, and Red if you are to reject the call.

Additionally, the volume level knob also changes color from Blue to Red as the volume is increased. Altogether a vibrant color fest inside your car!

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Drinking Mirror Android App Aimed at Helping Scottish Women Drink Less

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Scottish government is so concerned about the growing problem of alcoholism among women in the country that it has decided to launch a specific android app that will try and ensure that they put down a glass or two and cut on the alcohol intake. The new ‘Drinking Mirror’ app has been designed by the Scottish authorities as a part of their campaign to ensure that women in the country reduce alcohol intake considerably as the government feels “Scotland has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol”.

Drinking Mirror Android App for Scotland Drinking Mirror Android App Aimed at Helping Scottish Women Drink Less

Those concerns though seem to be backed by solid statistics as the number of alcohol-related deaths among women aged between 30 and 44 has doubled in the last 20 years, while the chronic liver disease and cirrhosis death rate has gone up three times in the same year according to official government figures. The app tries to dissuade drinking by asking one upload their current image and then alters it according the data you enter regarding your weekly alcohol intake. The higher your intake figures are, the more garish the output image is!

The idea is not really bad and while some might shout out about how it typecasts women, there is a certain degree of truth to the fact that women obviously would be more worried about poor looks down the line when compared to the typical guy who probably would not care much for the same. Having said that, there is nothing stopping the guys from using it and no matter where you live in the world, you can still give it a shot to see if it convinces you to give up on that extra glass of booze. Drinking mirror is available for download on Google Play.

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Developers Allege Pirated Android Apps Finding Their Way into BlackBerry App World

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It is one thing to find pirated apps on some of the less well-known sites on the net and a whole different proposition when they make their way into legitimate app stores of various mobile platforms. While Android and Apple may not have much of a problem with this for now, the guys over at the BlackBerry App World might have to stay a bit more alert to ensure this that does not happen more frequently in the coming days. The concern comes after a developer found 10 of his apps on Google Play being simply repackaged and sold as official BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 apps in the App World.

BlackBerry App World Developers Allege Pirated Android Apps Finding Their Way into BlackBerry App World

App developers though are not too surprised with the phenomenon and say that this was an expected event as the new BlackBerry OS was designed to largely support Android apps and that they can be easily repackaged for the BlackBerry App World using simple online tools. This obviously gives new headaches to the folk at RIM and while they would like to kick-start the release of Blackberry 10 smartphone with as many apps as possible, the prospect of pirated apps in the official app store does not make for good PR at all.

RIM have stated that they would look into the specific complaint and would take necessary swift action, but this leaves the BlackBerry App World with a possibility of seeing a ton of apps that might be stolen copies in the months to come. For now, the only way to avoid these ‘stolen and repackaged’ apps might be for original developers to keep an eye on their apps and maybe offer an alternate to BlackBerry users themselves.

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Basis Introduces Android App for Health Tracking Watchband

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Basis, the makers of a new health tracking watch, first unveiled its product in 2012 last year. During the launch, the band looked promising although the company hadn’t launched the mobile app for the device.

basis mobile detail Basis Introduces Android App for Health Tracking Watchband

But yesterday at CES, Basis moved a step forward and gave a short indication of its app for Android devices. About the product, this band and dashboard allows its users to monitor their health such as skin temperature, heart rate, motion, calories burned and even their sleep patterns.

The watchband is also equipped with an LCD display to show the date and time. The device supports Bluetooth and is loaded with sensors.

To measure the sleep patterns of its users, the watchband includes a 3-axis accelerometer and an optical scanner to track blood flow and heart rate. The equipment uploads all the collected information into the cloud so that the users can view them later.

The Android app for the watchband includes automatic syncing that allows the users to sync data from the band to the dashboard. The dashboard is always up to date, and above all, the users can view their health habits from their mobile phones.

According to Basis, the app will be available by the end of March 2013. The company is also planning for an iOS version of the app and it is believed to reach this summer.

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Dropbox App for Windows 8 Available in Windows Store

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Back in October last year when Microsoft launched its new Operating System Windows 8, we first saw the Dropbox app. But now this app is available via the Windows Store and runs on windows 8 or Windows RT devices.

Dropbox for Windows 8 Dropbox App for Windows 8 Available in Windows Store

Dropbox for Windows 8 brings the ability to sync Windows 8 devices to the cloud. It also enables to browse and preview all files on Dropbox along with the option to open, edit and save Dropbox files from other Windows 8 apps.

The app comes with Metro-style UI and Share Charm. The Share Charm lets users to share and search files, folders and photos across their Dropbox files by using the name or extension of the file.

You can share the file via e-mail or a social networking sites. Dropbox is a popular file-sharing service that has currently over 100 million users until November 2012.

This file sharing service is available on almost all mobile and desktop platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry and Android. The Dropbox for Windows 8 is a pretty good move from Microsoft, but in our opinion, the app still needs a few modifications to make it appealing.

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Apple App Store Downloads Hit 40 Billion as 2012 accounts for 20 Billion of them

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Each year, when the annual Consumer Electronics Show kicks off you can pretty much rest assured that there will be some sort of headline-grabbing news from Apple as well. There is absolutely no coincidence in that and it seems Apple has once again made it a point to make its presence felt around the same time CES 2013 is in full swing. Apple has always stayed away from CES, but it is sharing the spotlight with the event as the company has announced that the Apple App Store has crossed the 40 billion mark when it comes to the total number of downloads.

Apple App Store 40 billion Downloads Apple App Store Downloads Hit 40 Billion as 2012 accounts for 20 Billion of them

That obviously is news that should surprise people very little as it was only a matter of time before the numbers added up. The success of the iPhone 5, the new iPad and even the iPad Mini along with holiday season frenzy has allowed Apple to reach the 40 billion landmark by the first week of 2013. Having said that, the important thing to note is how the App Store came in with figures of 20 billion app downloads in 2012 alone, which means half of all the App Store downloads happened last year alone!

This number is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years as well and considering there were 5 billion app downloads between October 2012 and January 2013; one should not be surprised if Apple get more or less close to the 100 billion mark sometime next year. While that looks like a long shot for now, factoring in the growth rate, the increasing number of Apple devices and predictions by research firms like Flurry Analytics that say there will be over 2 billion downloads each week on iOS and Android platforms combined, that seems like a pretty possible landmark.

Currently the App Sore has 775,000 apps available for download with over 500 million active accounts and last month alone Apple saw the download of over 2 billion apps thanks to holiday shopping and Christmas festivities. Things are looking more upbeat than usual for sure!

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eBay rolls out update for iPhone and iPad users that helps with sales while on the move

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eBay has just updated its app for the iOS platform and the latest fix comes with many improvements that help eBay users in carrying out transactions while on the move in a faster, sleeker and better fashion. The new update allows eBay users to sell and purchase items a lot more easily from their iPhone and iPad devices and it also allows power sellers an option to create and save listings from their iOS devices, which can be accessed later on other devices as well.

ebay iPhone iPad Update eBay rolls out update for iPhone and iPad users that helps with sales while on the move

The update offers options which ensure you can start creating a listing on your iPhone or iPad using your eBay account and then can simply continue and finish the process on PC or laptop at your convenience. Apart from this cross-platform link, the new updates also help with search process thanks to the new enhancements and also a faster checkout process for buyers using iOS devices.

You can now also add photos from your iPhone in a far more easier fashion and the new upgrade helps in bringing out the best of the images snapped by your iPhone camera using in-built editing tools. This also means you will no longer need to jump apps and use another external app for photo-editing while creating a listing on eBay.

There is also a new sales guidance feature that comes in the form bright orange speech bubbles that offer you appropriate tips and an option to save up searched results that are indicated using bright orange stars on the home page when you log in next time. Faster, sleeker and far more convenient the new look offered by eBay app on iOS should encourage more users to browse through the site and make purchases while on the move.

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Boost Headphone Performance with Moshi Audio Burn-In Tool app

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Burn-in software tools always come handy when you want to go for a stress test for a particular hardware. We often use benchmarking tools and burn-in tools on our PCs for performance boost and to find out the optimum limit from the defined standard conditions. Like every other hardware, headphones also can be burn tested and if you have an expensive pair of earphones you might want to look at Moshi Audio Burn-In Tool app for the iOS.

moshi audio burn in tool Boost Headphone Performance with Moshi Audio Burn In Tool app

Audio experts say the performance bar for good headphones will spike with the usage over time. Moshi Burn-In Tool can improve the overall quality of your headphones despite of waiting for the whole smoothening process, which may indeed take some time.

This app has a special list containing variable frequency audios and tones to shook up the diaphragms on suitable resonances. Developers say “the process will relax and reach the speakers optimal sonic performance level”.

The app well suits Moshi audio plugs but other third party headphones can also be tested for the boosting process.

Once you install the app on your iOS device, select your model from the list or create a profile for your headphone. Put the volume bar to normal listening point and start the action.

Try not to push volume to maxed-out levels for it may harm your headphones. After every burning cycle it is highly recommended to 4-8 hours of resting time. You can check the quality variation in-between the burn cycles. The app is free and works on devices with iOS 4.3 and above

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WTF: Weather Travel Fashion App Launched for iPhone and iPad

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How about opting for a personal stylist who not only gives you smart suggestions on what to wear, but also offers travel advice and weather predictions that allow you to plan perfectly for an upcoming fun weekend or even a lovely holiday trip? Well, if you want a digital stylish that can do all this and a whole lot more, then the latest iOS App from Siveron is the one for you. Branded as ‘WTF’, the app brings together weather, fashion and travel domains to give you cool suggestions on what to wear and the essential things that you need to pack ahead of your next trip.

WTF Weather Fashion Travel iOS App WTF: Weather Travel Fashion App Launched for iPhone and iPad

The app uses the local weather data and the prediction for the next few hours to days, to suggest stylish outfit options that that range from outwear to the shoes and hats. Perfect for those who not only are style-conscious but also would like to mix and match the latest trends with comfortable clothing that suits the current weather conditions, the iOS app is built for frequent travelers and even for those who have a hard time picking the right stuff from their wardrobe.

Even if clothing suggestions are not what you need, you can simply plan yourself after taking into consideration the detailed weather report that the app offers that include wind, humidity and even a UV index. You can pick from the Basic Neutral Wardrobe collection or even the Basic Color Collection for a plethora of color and pattern combinations. Available for $0.99 in the iTunes Store, it promises to make your life a lot easier indeed!

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BBC Sport App now available for download for iPhone Users in UK

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BBC has finally launched an App for users in UK that is exclusively aimed at sports fans and tries to cater to their insatiable appetite for live scores, news, views and analysis while on the go. The BBC Sport Mobile App has been launched for iPhone users and just as in the case of BBC News App when it was launched, the app is initially only available exclusively in the UK alone and it will take a bit of time before international iPhone users get an access to it as well.

BBC Sport iOS Android App BBC Sport App now available for download for iPhone Users in UK

Also, the initial launch of the app saw only an iOS version that was custom-designed for iPhone and iPod Touch devices and an Android version of the BBC Sport App is expected to be available for download in the next few weeks. While one can access the app using the new iPad as well, it has not been optimized for the tablet since BBC feels that the mobile version of its BBC Sport website should suffice for ardent sports fans using the tablet.

The app comes loaded with the usual features that you would expect in a top-notch sports app and offers an in-depth look at all the major sports in UK. You can custom craft your own homepage news by adding or removing various popular sports like Football, F1, Cricket, Golf, Tennis and Rugby. But on feature that is missing at the moment is the video and live radio access, but these features would also be available in subsequent improvements that are set to come in very soon.

Overall, the BBC Sport App gives the eager sports fans in UK a comprehensive look at all the happening sports news and latest scores and with an Android version expected to come in very soon, expect the app to top charts in both the platforms soon.

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